Drinking When Bored? What It Could Mean Addiction Treatment

drinking out of boredom

You might occasionally consume several alcoholic beverages to blot out a highly stressful day. Drinking to relieve stress may veer into murky territory, if you feel that you must consume alcohol every day to de-stress. It is very common for people to replace alcohol with sugar in the beginning, which is detrimental not only to your waistline and physical health but your mental well-being as well. One of the best things you can do for yourself when you’re feeling bored in sobriety is to find a way to serve others. It’s pretty normal to reduce the entire experience of boredom in sobriety to missing alcohol and believing that getting drunk is the primary way you (and everyone else) have fun.

  1. Alcohol’s reinforcing effects can be attributed to the way cortisol interacts with the brain’s reward system, causing a person to feel pleasure and therefore reach for more of it when stressed.
  2. You might have a drink to calm your mind, mellow out your mood, and take the edge off stress.
  3. Some fun and exciting examples of physical exercise and outdoor activities include kayaking or fishing, camping, spin class, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, Zumba, Bootcamp, and Class Pass.
  4. Many people struggle with boredom drinking, but the good news is that there’s a way out.

These stories remind us that boredom isn’t merely a state of inactivity or idleness — it can also be a time for reflection, creativity, and unexpected discovery. Recovery is hard work, but we think you’ll find it’s well worth it. In the meantime, the Soberish community alcoholic denial how to help an alcoholic in denial is here to support you and help you get there. So now comes the arduous task of learning how to manage the tough stuff without a chemical crutch like alcohol. It’s likely your doctor will order some bloodwork, which can be the start of your path to physical recovery.

#5 Stay Physically Active

Without them, people often turn to things that can be quite harmful in the short and long term. The decision is often met with doubt, questioning if sobriety is attainable. It can also spark feelings of shame, guilt, and resentment. However, the variety of treatment options make it easier for individuals and families alcohol and seizures can alcohol or withdrawal trigger a seizure to focus on moderate consumption or complete abstinence. Various factors lead individuals to abuse alcohol, including genetic traits, environmental reasons, and societal factors. Still, alcohol is a highly addictive substance that can lead to dependency, especially when consuming frequently and in large quantities.

Drinking because of boredom happens because home is where we feel safe, unjudged – it’s where we can relax. But at home, it’s easy to get a bit too comfortable… you can get a long way down a bottle when you are sitting in front of the TV half-watching some series to pass the time. If you want to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink, it makes sense to avoid busy bars and thirsty friends.

What Are Delirium Tremens Symptoms?

If you find yourself reaching for a drink whenever you’re bored or looking to kill time, you should stop and take measures to correct these tendencies early before they become problematic. Boredom can indeed lead to cravings for alcohol, but it doesn’t have to be this way. With understanding and a few targeted strategies, you can retrain your brain to seek healthier, more fulfilling ways to escape boredom. Exercise is a powerful way to rebuild your body in recovery and a healthy coping skill. It’s a way to care for yourself by committing to a practice that releases positive, mood-enhancing endorphins and alleviates stress. Finding a new activity and hobby such as working out can provide something to look forward to each day.

drinking out of boredom

Taking a personalized approach allows many families and individuals the chance to adjust treatment to best suit lifestyle, needs, and long-term goals. It doesn’t help that although alcohol may be the world’s most commonly accepted drug, it’s also regularly left off the list of drugs that negatively impact people’s lives. When you’re triggered by experiences like boredom or isolation, the accessibility of alcohol makes it that much harder to refrain from drinking to cope with these difficult feelings.

We are here to provide the support and treatments you need to achieve lasting recovery. Our programs focus on treating the physical, mental, and emotional components of alcoholism in a safe and secure environment where individuals can focus on their healing process. Drinking alone can become problematic when a person has a habit of doing it. You may believe you must hide your drinking from others, so you drink solo.

Mental Health Treatment

Mindfulness practices and stress management techniques can empower you to cope with boredom and negative emotions without turning to alcohol. Practicing mindfulness can help you become more aware of your emotions and triggers, so you can avoid turning to alcohol out of boredom. Stress management techniques can also help you manage difficult situations without alcohol. By implementing these strategies, you can effectively manage boredom and negative emotions without turning to alcohol, improving your overall mental health and well-being.

This consistent connection will help foster healthy relationships in recovery with people who can support you and what you’re going through in the present moment. Losing relationships to the substance can be challenging but anchoring to others in recovery can be the clonidine withdrawal syndrome very thing you need to feel worthy of recovery. Alcohol can be in a unique position of being both the solution to and the cause of pain. Yet, no matter how much pain it causes to the individual or family, alcohol is one of the most difficult substances to remove.

Many bored people will drink even if they aren’t particularly fond of alcohol or its effects. Boredom can be a menace to people’s habits if one truly has nothing else to do, or if they are prevented from doing the things they normally do. While alcohol abuse is common, it doesn’t mean you have to face it alone. Downplaying the seriousness of alcohol misuse and addiction can have impactful ramifications.

Accept that you are in a transitional phase, which will take time.

It’s okay to be bored, but it’s not alright to find yourself constantly upset that you have nothing meaningful to do. Studies have shown that the average adult faces over 130 days of boredom every year. This is a staggering statistic and should be recognized as something that needs to be dealt with.

Your doctor may even prescribe you supplements to correct vitamin deficiencies, which is why I always encourage them to visit their doctors and have an honest conversation about their alcohol consumption. By focusing on eating healthy, nourishing foods, you are actively working on reversing those symptoms. If nothing else, it starts to chip away at any notion you might have that you’re unworthy.

This staggering statistic is hard to swallow, but not unreasonable if one looks around. Alcohol is in every restaurant, a major part of many commercials, TV shows, and so much more. Recent studies have been more than conclusive, as drinking alone and at home has risen a considerable percentage since the stay-at-home orders were put in place.

To unpack some of the underlying reasons you feel bored right now, it helps to understand what alcohol does to your brain. Eating well, staying hydrated, getting physical activity, and not stocking up on alcohol for the winter are other helpful strategies to stop drinking out of boredom. Try and find ways to build other people into your daily patterns.

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