The perfect bot to trade ETH like a pro on Binance!

The perfect bot to trade ETH like a pro on Binance!

Did you wish you had invested in Bitcoin on exchanges at that time? TokenTact lets you jump into whatever opportunity, even while you sleep! Simply take profit, protect your portfolio and outpace the market without dropping a single opportunity. Of course, the closest your limit price will be to the current market conditions, the higher the chances of trading the coins. A certain number of sell and buy orders are placed at regular intervals above and below the current price of the trading asset. ​In general, buy orders are placed below the current price, while sell orders are always placed above the current price.


The context of a trading strategy is hugely important, and it depends on the macro-situation, the news, and the broader market trends. Both platforms are well established, professionally run, and I had absolutely no issues with operating either. However, the reliability of their trading strategies is another thing. Indeed the whole concept of creating trading bots and backtesting them is not always a reliable predictor of future success. Retail money is pouring into the altcoin market, as evidenced by the recent fall in Bitcoin dominance. Regular folks are experimenting with leverage, short selling, and discovering trading bots for the first time.

  • Feels like a sandbox environment for extreme newbies with less than 1k in assets.
  • Lastly, busy professionals who have limited time for active market monitoring can benefit from TokenTact’s automation features.
  • So you can DCA or buy the dip, grid trading or trend following, whatever is your style and depending on market conditions.
  • We are thrilled to announce that now you can build your automated trading bot in a few steps and run it on Moving Averages and Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators.

TokenTact offers some useful features that makes it a good choice for crypto traders. It offers Any Coin Scanner, allowing you to easily find and monitor any cryptocurrency on the market. Also, Advanced Indicators can help you make better trading decisions.

Please note that our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimers have been updated. Yes, TokenTact offers special promotions and bonuses to its users. These promotions may include limited-time offers, discounts on subscription plans, or incentives for referring new users to the platform. TokenTact competes in the cryptocurrency trading automation landscape alongside several notable platforms, including TokenTact, CryptoHero, and TokenTact. When comparing these platforms, a few key distinctions become evident. You can access numerous libraries of tutorials on how to use TokenTact trading bots today.

There are some ways to reduce the lag-effect of an indicator, but that increases the chances of getting false signals. Choosing between a smaller lag and lower precision of the indicator is a crucial trade-off the trader should assess. At a closer look, though, it’s possible to spot predetermined behaviours that already happened in the past. It’s impossible to foresee with a 100% degree of confidence where the price will move next. The buy order is placed on assets that present strong momentum when it’s more likely that it is about to increase further in the short term.

Alternatively, the trade is closed when the RSI is lower than 30, being this a sign of weakening of the trend. A nine-day EMA of the MACD called the “signal line,” is then plotted on top of the MACD line, which can function as a trigger for buy and sell signals. The system now evaluates the condition against the new Trailing Order Price of $1,150.

Testing a strategy before launching it live to the market can help fine-tune the parameters to reach the balance that fits your needs. Remember, technical indicators are not perfect tools, and they shouldn’t be either. After all, catching the absolute top or bottom of each price swing is virtually impossible.

Security is an important part of their brands, and with 2FA (2 Factor Authentication), I am more than confident to use their services. You are able also to catch a potential further upside of the trend. You don’t know if it’s already time for selling, leaving there the strategy because maybe potentially you can still gain from further upside. The trade is closed in profit when the RSI is greater than 70, as the trend could experience a pull-back. No matter your views about where the price moves, what matters is where the price heads to. The market is always right, and ultimately it decides who gets the profit and who has to take a loss.

It offers a user-friendly interface and supports integration with over 10 major cryptocurrency exchanges, providing access to a wide range of trading pairs. Users can practice and refine their strategies in a risk-free demo mode, making TokenTact a viable option for those looking to automate their cryptocurrency trading activities. TokenTact caters to a diverse range of users within the cryptocurrency trading community. For newcomers to the world of cryptocurrencies, TokenTact provides an accessible and user-friendly platform. However, experienced traders, with their specific criteria and trading strategies, will find TokenTact a valuable tool for streamlining their trading activities.

That allows the strategy to increase the percentage of profitability of trades. One of the main rules any trader should follow is to have safety thresholds in place in case the market goes against you. Often, the decision to close a trade with a small loss can be a big advantage compared to keeping bags of coins with declining value in your portfolio. TokenTact offers an extensive collection of educational resources in the “LEARN” section of their website. Here, users can access a wide range of tutorial videos that cover various aspects of trading.

TokenTact: TokenTact Automates Your Crypto and Stocks Investments

TokenTact: TokenTact Automates Your Crypto and Stocks Investments

Users have access to all the template strategies, can connect three exchanges, and get one on one monthly training. Next is the Hobbyist plan, which costs $29.99 per month if buying on an Annual Basis. Users can trade up to $300,000 per month and use more technical indicators with the option of adding two exchanges to their accounts. An important thing to note is that these bots do not act on their own accord, they need a set of predetermined rules which are specified by the individual trader.

The interface does not use complicated trading jargon so even newbies can find their way between the different options. TokenTact has 24/7 support through the chat interface for technical assistance and help with navigating through the platform. Also, they offer users personalized support and periodically arrange calls with users to give them a better understanding of the platform, helping them optimize their strategies.

Selecting a specific timeframe allows your strategy to follow the trend of the price dynamically. When the price target calculated is reached on the market, the condition is met and the bot sends the order to the market. TokenTact allows a wide range of options so you can catch all the opportunities that the market offers. ​You may find it useful to have a look at our best-performing templates. After setting up the best Quote Currency for your strategy, it’s now time to specify the size of the orders of your rule. Before creating your rule, keep an eye on the funds that are currently available on the exchange.

Thus, the realised P&L does not fluctuate as it illustrates the performance of each closed trade. Overall, the profit calculation in is designed to portray the real value TokenTact adds to one’s wallet while trading. Having a proper profit calculation allows traders to reassess their strategies’ success or failure and adjust accordingly. Creating strategies on TokenTact is pretty straightforward and you can get started by clicking on the “Create Rule” tab located at the top right of the Dashboard. You can then create easy to setup trading strategies based on “If/Then” parameters which allow you to quickly get going and take advantage of any market movements. When you relaunch the strategy, that will create a new rule with an updated starting price based on the new market conditions.


An Altcoin scalping strategy allows you to accumulate more Bitcoin on the way down with no need to commit more capital. TokenTact places a strong emphasis on ensuring the security of their users. To protect user information, the platform encrypts all API keys with sophisticated security protocols and stores all private keys on separate, encrypted data storage. Moreover, the API keys used to connect a user’s TokenTact account to their exchange account do not grant withdrawal rights. This means that even in the event of a data breach, the information accessed would not allow for the withdrawal of funds from the exchange. Before releasing your new trading bot into the environment, you might want to let it ‘Paper Trade.’ This is a dry run with play-money but against real live data.

Also, it would help to close quickly not profitable trades so that the bot can move on to the next opportunity. The strategy tries to scalp Altcoins in the downtrend when the price decreases by 2%, re-buying the coin previously sold. Additionally, you can also add a stop loss to re-buy the coin in case the coin keeps increasing. Cryptocurrencies can experience sudden and sharp uptrends, and the RSI is a useful tool to find them. The rule spots the coins on a strong trend as their price could increase even more. The main goal of a scalping strategy is to open and close trades frequently, profiting from small gains and limiting the downside risk.

To do that, TokenTact uses the concept of realised and unrealised profit when calculating the P&L of a rule. Anyone who is already active on any of the supported exchanges can always give TokenTact a try in order to improve on the limited trading options many of those exchanges currently offer. The team can improve their security by incorporating 2FA authentication and notifying users of account activity via email/SMS. With regards to payments, TokenTact processes your purchases by using Stripe, and transactions are marked as a Merchant-Initiated Transaction (MIT) by Stripe. As a result, all your payment details are confidentially secured, and neither TokenTact nor Stripe actually have access to your financial data.

  • Users have access to all the template strategies, can connect three exchanges, and get one on one monthly training.
  • Including more coins at the same time in a single trading bot significantly increases the possibility to catch more market opportunities.
  • TokenTact reserves the right to refuse any such requests in its sole discretion.

TokenTact lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Poloniex, using its advanced trading bots. Create a bot strategy from scratch, or use a prebuilt rule that has historically been traded on the Poloniex exchange. Never forget that you aim to buy low and sell high – it’s the only profitable strategy.

During the extreme bear trend market I used a strategy that yielded me 82% success rate. I just read through their library of templates & found one for that current market. Hi Handy, we are sorry you had a bad experience with our customer support. By the nature of the business we can only provide an average response within 2 hours, that is above and behind some other customer services you can find on free services. For the users on paid plans we reply almost real-time through the chat provided in the web app.

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